Mated VSHBH II Queens For Sale

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Delivery starts April 15, 2018

We ship Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
Ships via 1-2 DAY AIR
$40 each for locals with pick-up 
$55 each on ebay, (covers fees). 
Flat rate shipping and handling $25 
We will combine shipping on up to twenty queens and issue refunds for overages.

Guaranteed delivery-Since 2003

Mated VSHBH II Queens
*Tested at 30% or more! (2 alleles or more!)
~~$40.00 for locals with pick-up~~
~~$55 on ebay, (covers fees). 
Selected for their removal of varroa infected drone larva, aggressiveness toward SHB, honey production and gentleness.

Small Hive Beetle FIGHTERS (As long as you aren't poisoning them with smoke) 
We keep a 200+ apiary with NO SMOKE!

WE WELCOME   USPS Money Orders, Paypal and Cash

"If we can't break the hive down without smoke and gloves 
we won't use their queen"...... ButtsBees.

Our 'VSH x Survivor' breed is of Southeastern U.S. stock, bred from three different genetic sources of 'VSH' against 'Survivor' colonies from the late Julius Russells' 'Sunkist'.
Any queens showing unexcused aggressive behavior gets pinched without delay!


Contact us
Taylor T. Butts or Susan B. Butts
Thank you


Stock Lineage 
 Julius Russells' 'Sunkist' fall 2010
Sunkist x Sunkist, spring/fall 2011
Sunkist x VSH*, (*LSU @ Baton Rouge sourced) spring/fall 2012
Sunkist x VSH*, (*LSU @ Baton Rouge sourced) spring 2013
Sunkist VSH x Pol-line*, (*Bob Harvey sourced) fall 2013
Sunkist VSH x Pol-line*, (*Bob Harvey sourced) spring 2014
Sunkist VSH Pol-line x Sunkist VSH Pol-line, fall 2014
 'ButtsBees VHS/Pol-line Survivors' 2015
'ButtsBees VSHBH' 2016 (Varroa Small Hive Beetle Hygienic)
'ButtsBees VSHBH Suvivors'

We open breed in saturated areas that we have 'seeded' with swarms to establish the feral colonies genetics. We keep swarming hives of .45cuft. that promote swarming. In 2010/2011 we released the 'Sunkist x Sunkist' at 5 colonies per kilometer for 30 km2. The release was on an isthmus and well isolated. We have since continued this method using VSH/Pol-line genetics with apparent success in noting strong VSH in observed feral colonies.
Worker cells; 4.5mm
Drone cells;
Calm bees. Fast Build. Real SHB fighters, (We tend to notice this behavior with the queens showing strong VSH/Pol-line traits and with SMOKELESS managment).
We are heavy handed on culling when unexcused aggressiveness is observed and those without strong hygienic behavior.

"............That's NOT a spotty brood pattern, it's VSHBH Hygienics. They are cleaning your infested brood!"

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